Uttalande från den palestinska generaldelegationen i Sverige

The Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai threatened in an interview with the Israeli Army Radio the Palestinians with a bigger “Holocaust”.There is little to comment on such a statement which clearly reveals the real intentions of the Israeli government towards the Palestinian civil population. In the last three days more than thirty Palestinians have been killed by Israeli indiscriminate attacks against the Gaza Strip.Among the dead were nine children under the age of fifteen. These children are not just numbers in the death toll, they have names and families:

1 Muhammed Al Bure` 6 month old
2 Deep Dardona 11 years old
3 Muneer Dardona 8 years old
4 Mohammed Dardona 14 years old
5 Mohammed Hamouda 7 years old
6 Amjad Sakane 12 years old
7 Anas Mana’me 8 years old
8 Bilal Hejazi 10 years old
8 Mohammed Hamade 12 years old

The International community should not tolerate or allow another “Holocaust” to take place nor should it tolerate any politician to use this evil terminology especially when it comes from a country that claims to be the “only democracy in the Middle East.

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