Murder at Huwara [Checkpoint]

Läs om 15 åriga Fahmi Abd aljawaad al Darduk som sköts ner till döds av israeliska soldater vid vägspärren Huwara, måndagen den 19 maj.   

”After he was shot, the army claimed that pipe bombs had been detected in his belt. That wires had been seen hanging from under his clothing. That three pipe bombs had been observed. Later it was said there were five. One of the perpetrators of this crime was cited for excellence. A Palestinian ambulance arriving from Nablus twenty minutes later at the most was not permitted access to the bleeding boy until 11:30 PM. For two and a half hours he lay on the concrete floor of the checkpoint and no one was allowed to approach him but the Occupation forces. During this time all Palestinians in the area were violently pushed away and the blood washed away with water jets.” 


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